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Our beginnings

We are both avid adventurers, always looking for a new place to explore or another challenge to tackle. We grew up with the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in our backyard, and have traveled extensively – hiking, exploring and researching the great outdoors. Separately, we both decided to study science and the environment at our respective colleges, and volunteer service has and always will play a major role in our lives. After Henry returned from sailing with SEA Semester in the Caribbean, we began bouncing ideas off each other of how we could make a contribution to the oceanographic and environmental research efforts in that part of the world. Soon after, With the Winds was born.


Why we do it

We have participated in research expeditions in numerous extraordinary locations where natural habitats are vulnerable to human activity. Furthermore, we have a deep appreciation of how seriously impaired our inland, coastal and oceanic habitats have become. We also know that time is of the essence, and that continuing to educate ourselves, the public, and the scientific community through data collection, thoughtful analysis and communication can and will make a difference.



Our sailing expedition combined these shared passions into an absolutely unforgettable experience. It allowed us to fulfill our dream of taking us With the Winds to a different part of the world, where we put our enthusiasm and knowledge to work in playing a part in protecting the Earth’s marine ecosystems.

Our Inspiration

Grant atop Mt. Mulanje, Photo by Rob Frost Media

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