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Project Funding

Fundraising Background

We devoted many months to planning and preparation and continued with over five months of work at sea in an effort to raise awareness about marine environmental problems issues and help protect our ocean ecosystems. We want to show others how determination and effort can turn an ambitious idea into reality. We took out a loan in order to purchase our sailboat, a 1981 Tartan 37 that we named Jörmungandr. The classic keel-centerboard sloop is just over thirty-seven feet long and was equipped with a wind generator, solar panels, a 55 hp diesel engine, a below-deck autopilot system, and an abundance of safety equipment. Well-designed, used sailboats hold their value very well, making this a comfortable investment for us. We sold the sailboat in St. Augustine, FL at the conclusion of the expedition in order to repay the loan.



We reached our initial Kickstarter fundraising goal of $18,500, and by the end of our crowdfunding campaign on December 4th we had raised over $24,000. The fantastic news reached us by satellite phone in the midst of our offshore voyage from North Carolina to the US Virgin Islands. All money went directly toward the project. Expenses included outfitting the boat, the purchase of research and film equipment, boat maintenance and repairs, required fees and licenses, and the production of the documentary. We are blown away by the enthusiasm we’ve received to date for this project.


All money donated has gone directly towards the expedition; including equipment, production and distribution costs.

  • Four-month sailing expedition costs: Survival gear, ongoing maintenance (engine, sails, wind turbine, video equipment), customs fees, licenses, etc.

  • Outreach equipment: Rogue Wave WIFI and modem, Satellite Internet USB Drive, SPOT GPS tracking unit, waterproof housing for electronics.

  • Research Equipment: Fishing licenses, fish and shark tagging stick and sling, harness, sampling equipment, refuse disposal fees.

  • Video equipment: SDHC Memory Cards, external hard drives, extra batteries and charging equipment, HD 1000 Glidecam, additional handheld micro audio recorder, GoPro mounts and LCD BacPac, camera cleaning products, CM 1800 On-Camera LED, and other lighting equipment.

  • Film development costs: Video and audio editing software, DVD printing and distribution.

  • Kickstarter Rewards: Production of rewards and shipping costs.

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