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Summer Progress

Hey everyone,

The Africa trip with The Lost Mountain team was great, but it is good to be stateside and back to work on our sailing endeavor. As Henry noted, I was very fortunate to meet a lot of amazing people on the trip who are excited to lend some of their time to help get this project cooking.

With Henry working out East, and me based in Minnesota, coordinating all that has to get done has been a challenge, but we are now in the swing of things and are making great progress with all the logistics. We have been able to delegate quite well and now have our more specific roles for what needs to be done in preparation.

Henry has also just returned from a trip to Sweden. His journey began in Stockholm, eventually ferrying to Gotland to visit a Viking village, and then enjoyed a large, extended family reunion with his Swedish relatives. Afterward, he made his way north into the arctic circle for some hiking, where he visited a Sami camp of semi-nomadic reindeer herders. He is now back, and we are both buckling down.

I am busy making changes and updates to our website, and focusing on the research that will take place while at sea. Our projects on-board have expanded significantly now including collecting water samples to measure levels of micro-plastics, which are now everywhere in our oceans. I am also investigating catching and tagging fish to provide scientists with important information for tracking and monitoring these fish.

Henry is also adding updates to our site, developing and fine tuning the itinerary, and taking steps to secure our boat and all the equipment necessary for a successful voyage. So much to do, but we are at it and making great progress.

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