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The Trip Has Departed!

Today is an exciting day!

After a few final days of preparation, Henry and Grant left North Carolina around 7am this morning for the official first leg of the trip! They are now headed East-Southeast towards the Virgin Islands, and expect to arrive in about 10 days. Henry’s uncle, an experienced sailor, is currently on board with them, and will be a great help in navigating the lengthy journey. Henry and Grant will likely be out of contact for this time, but I will be posting updates as they become available. You can use the map on our ‘Where Are We Now’ page to follow their current location, which will be updated as much as twice daily using signals from the boat’s SPOT GPS system. Feel free to email me me at with any additional questions about the progress of the trip.

The journey is underway, but there is still fundraising to do! We are getting close, but with just 22 hours to go we are about $1,200 shy of our goal. Please take a moment to spread the word to those who have not donated, as time is running out and this last little bit is the difference between getting all or none of the donations you all have graciously offered.

Here is the link to the Kickstarter, please check it out and pledge!

Best Wishes,


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