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Nearly to the First Destination!

Hey Everybody,

After 10 days at sea, Henry and Grant will be arriving at their destination of Cruz Bay, St. John, in just a few hours! They had a few days of big waves and strong head winds, but that is now behind them as they cruise into the US Virgin Islands at 6 knots in a 10 knot trade wind. As of 6 am this morning Henry and Grant were 30 miles from their destination, and are expected to arrive sometime late morning/early afternoon. Once in contact I’m sure they will have many pictures and stories of their first leg, so look out for those coming soon! Until then, here is an image showing the boat’s route that last week. The marker labeled “1” is their location at 12:30 pm on December 5, which was picked up by the boat’s SPOT GPS tracking device. The marker labeled “20” is from 6:05 this morning.

Here is an additional image of the local wind conditions this morning, favorable for what Henry’s Aunt Jil has called a “charmed passage” into the islands.


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