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Adventures in St. Barts

Yesterday we returned to St. Martin from a two night stay in St. Barts. While there, we took a water sample and hiked through a Nature Preserve. We also went into Gustavia for the day on Friday to pick up our friend, Eric Chien, who will be staying and helping with our research until January 27. Eric has been working for Conservation Corp in Minnesota since September, and we are excited to have his extensive knowledge and fishing experience on board.

We recently dropped off Jordan Kelley, another friend, to head back to his job at Middlebury College. Jordan’s fluency in French was extremely helpful in the French speaking areas we have been in this past week. We have another water sample and beach clean up scheduled in the next couple days, before sailing back to the British Virgin Islands on Wednesday.

Check below for a couple photos from our stay in St. Barts.

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