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Pristine beaches? Not so much

We are on the southern coast of Puerto Rico now, and wanted to update you all on the work we have been doing thus far. The amount of trash we are finding throughout the Caribbean is quite surprising, even to us. Being here and witnessing what is washing up on beaches first hand has shown us the true extent of the plastic and trash problem that is damaging the world’s coastal ecosystems. This is a problem that is masked and covered up by tourism agencies and the mega-resorts and beach bars that clean and maintain the beaches visited by the average tourist. We have compiled a short video to help bring the reality of this problem home for you to see.

On another note, we are now far past the half way mark of our journey and are making our way slowly back toward the States. We will soon be departing from Boquerón, on Puerto Rico’s west coast, for a short offshore sail to the Dominican Republic. We rented a car for the day to explore the island, visit Old San Juan, and grab some supplies before the voyage.

Please like and share the video. The bigger the audience we reach, the more of an impact we will create. Thank you again for all the support.

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