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New Team Member: Matt Michel

As we mentioned in today’s earlier blog post, to break things up as we edit our film, we’re turning With the Winds into a platform to spotlight friends, colleagues, and other individuals who are working in fields similar to our own. In their own words, they’ll explain what they do and their connection to With the Winds, if relevant. We’re excited to kick things off with Matt Michel, who we welcomed to the team as an editor and film specialist just last week.

As we mentioned before, Matt is a friend of ours from Minnesota and a current Senior at Butler University in Indianapolis. He studies and works in film and multimedia at the University, and is strongly considering pursuing a career in the field. Our collaboration with Matt will make the With the Winds documentary stronger and, we hope, provide him with additional valuable film experience that will help him achieve his own goals.

Hey everybody!

Originally from Minneapolis, I’ve spent the past three years studying film and media production at Butler University and have worked as a video specialist for Butler men’s basketball. From documenting mission trips to shooting video at the NCAA Tournament, I’ve been lucky enough to obtain a diverse portfolio that covers a wide range of content. What I’ve found in my experience is that the key to any video having an impact on an audience is to have a great story to tell in the first place. No matter how great a shot looks, or how clear the sound is, none of that matters if it isn’t supporting a strong story.

The thing that excites me about hopping aboard with Grant and Henry and working on post-production for With the Winds is that I know these guys have a great story to tell. They put a lot into preparing for their trip and documenting the entire process, which we hope will be clear when you get to see the final product.

I’m looking forward to working with them to help mold their footage and interviews into a presentation that tells the story that people need to hear, while finding enjoyment along the way. Check out a sample of my previous work for Butler men’s basketball here.

– Matt

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