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New Weekly Feature

Later today, With the Winds will debut a new weekly feature in which we will introduce a friend or colleague and present the work that they are doing as it relates to the general theme of adventure and environmental sustainability. There aren’t too many interesting updates that we can give you personally as we forge through the long process of editing our documentary, but it occurred to us that we know countless other individuals who are working in fields very similar to ours. Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll feature people that conduct research and do work relating to the natural environment, marine science, fish and wildlife, film, sailing, and outdoor adventure.

These people are our friends that we went to school with, our companions that joined us in the Caribbean to help us with our research, and our colleagues that we’ve worked with on other professional endeavors. All of them are making a difference in the task to preserve and better understand the natural world, and the purpose of sharing their stories is to call attention to the impressive and exciting work that so many of us are undertaking.

Many of you will find that you know some of these people quite well, so please, help us share their stories! If you know someone that’s doing some pretty cool stuff, send us a message and nominate them for a weekly feature. Feel free to share your own ventures with us as well. We hope to use With the Winds as a platform to spotlight people around us who are doing all types of interesting and valuable work.

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