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New Website!

Hey everyone,

We have a new website! It's been a while since we have updated you with recent news, but get stoked because a lot has happened and more will be coming your way soon.

The most obvious update is the awesome new website that's up and running, which has come with some content additions and lots of new photos. Big thanks to our esteemed buddy Robert Weinmann for putting it all together. You can also look forward to a few more features in the coming weeks, as well as a teaser video and the official movie trailer! The new format and layout for the website should be easy to use. However, if there are any issues, concerns, or suggestions in regard to the website and its functionality, please let us know.

Living in separate locations while continuing to work on the film has proven a little difficult for the two of us, but we have found a dynamic that is working well and after meeting up in Burlington, VT for some face to face work, thing are running quite smoothly. As our work unfolds, we are continuing to learn a great deal. Particularly, what we did right when shooting our film over the course of the trip, as well as what was off the mark and what we could have done differently given the opportunity.

As you may know, this is by far the largest documentary film either of us have put together, and because of this we are doing an extensive amount of research on what works and what doesn't. Watching, analyzing, and critiquing other successful films has helped us formulate techniques and presentation methods that we may have missed or underutilized. Talking to others with more experience in the film industry has also been a big help, and we should hopefully hear from a few of these folks in some of our upcoming features. We're working hard to create a product we are proud of, and when all is said and done, we hope you will feel the same way.

We would like to send another huge than you to anyone who has been involved in With the Winds to any extent. It's hard to believe that at this time exactly one year ago, we were just finishing up outfitting our boat in the Chesapeake and vigorously running our Kickstarter campaign. It is amazing to see where this all started and the direction that it is now heading. We are going to keep updates coming along on a more regular basis to help make following along as smooth and entertaining as possible. I know we say this a lot, but please keep spreading the word. The whole idea behind With the Winds starts with personal drive and raising awareness to the issues that impact our world's environments.

- Grant & Henry

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