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The With the Winds expedition and documentary would not be possible without the amazing support, advice and publicity that we received from the following organizations and people.

Supporters and Backers

Jacqueline Day and Carol Bemis

Donald Bell and Betsy McNerney

John Bell and Jil Wescott

Brian Fitzgerald

Eric Thompson

Sam Dorrance

Bill Trautmann

Dick Zimmerman

Dan Brayton

Teresa Carey

Walker Nambu

Cameron Soojian

Jordan Kelley

Majka Burhardt

Victoria Smith, Jen Haddock, Jeff Schell, and SEA Semester

Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation

NOAA’s Fisheries Department

Ocean Conservancy’s Coastal Cleanup Program

However, despite all the hard work and time put in by both ourselves and the above-mentioned, we wouldn’t have gotten very far without our funding. Reaching our Kickstarter fundraising goal was a necessity. We launched the Kickstarter the first week of November, 2014, and departed for the Caribbean on December 2nd. This was still several days before the Kickstarter donation period ended. With the Kickstarter platform, project funding is all or nothing – if we didn’t meet our goal of raising $18,500 by the end of the funding period, we would receive none of the pledged donations.


We found out via satellite phone that we had met and surpassed our goal while afloat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. If not for the overwhelmingly generous donations that we received from our Kickstarter backers, the expedition would have been a failure and our plans and ideas would have been cut well short.


Thank you!

Barb Jandric and Greg Mason

Nicholas Jasset

Evan Jones

Haviland Kebler

Jordan Kelley

Jon Ketokoski

Rich Kronfeld


Mike Lietzau

Mary Donn Liles

Jia Lyn Low

Cam MacKugler

Jason McCallum

Caroline McNerney

Natalie McNerney

Tim and Sophia McNerney

Steve Mitchell and Mary McNerney

Laura Newcomer

Deb Orians

Ann Parker

Ken Paulus

Roger Peters

Annie Peterson

Julie Peterson

Tori Pinheiro

Betty Jo Plunkitt

Jack Plunkitt

Karen Reichenbach

Linda D. Ripple

Judith Rodriquez

Alex Ruocco

Meredyth Sanders

Arthur Schleifer

Joy Sherrill

Winifred Smith

Cameron Soojian

Madison Stebbins

Peter, Maya, Annalisa and Kristina Tester

John Tobin

Dolores Voorhees

Peter Wallis

The Woodworth Family

Silvia Yueh

Kent Adams


Rosemary Beaurline

Don Bell and Betsy McNerney

Jean and Gordon Bell

Grace Bell

Maria Bell

Carol Bemis

Jeremy Bemis

Marie and Mike Benson

Alan Birk

Eric Chien

A.J. Colianni

Katie Creasey

Kelly Dahlman

Valeria Dahlman

Grace Daigle

Dave and Mary Day

Jacqueline Day

Ben Dion

Shannon E.

Elizabeth Chandler

David Feldman

Matt Floyd

Malia Frey

Lois Fruen

Geoffrey Genova

David Ginter

Connor Gomez

Cathy Gorlin

Bobby and Barbara Griffin

Heidi and Jeff Haines

Melissa Hansen

David W. Hanson

Duncan Harvey

Tait Helgaas

Tim Hoogland

Asher Hussain

Martha and Irfan Hussain

Barbara Hynes-Tomczyk

Lee Irby

Laura Irwin Shack

Sarah Jacobs

Kickstarter backers and other donors

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